February Unboxing: The YA Chronicles

The YA Chronicles is a monthly subscription service based in Sydney, Australia. Each month, a box is shipped out containing a new release Young Adult novel, alongside a handful of bookish goodies centered around that month’s theme.

I can’t believe that another month has come and gone already, but I don’t mind because it brings yet another box from The YA Chronicles! The theme for February was Can you feel the love tonight? So let’s not hold back and get right to it!

feb love banner.png


This Feysand candle is custom made by The Book Hangover on Etsy, and oh my god I can’t get over how amazing it smells! I know that it’s the name of a ship from A Court of Thorns and Roses, but I’ve yet to read the series, so I can’t tell how accurate the scent is. For those wondering, the scent is rain, sandalwood, musk, citrus, and jasmine.


This is the second little bottle of tea that I’ve received from the West End Tea Co. I’m not much one for obscure teas (it’s probably not actually that obscure, let’s be real here), but I’m actually excited to give this one a try as soon as Winter settles in. It smells absolutely delicious!!


This little The Fault in Our Stars pin is super adorable, but it’s a shame that I’m not a fan of John Green. Perhaps I might run a giveaway for it at some point, much like I should do for all of my other bookish merch for things I haven’t read nor are a fan of.


And finally! The book this month is Valentine by Jodi McAlister. Until about 3 weeks ago, I hadn’t even heard of this one, but upon discovering it, I was very intrigued. I’m super glad that I didn’t go about purchasing a copy for myself, because I would have (yet again) ended up with a double copy.

valentine.jpgFour teenagers – all born on the same Valentine’s Day – begin to disappear. As the bodies mount up, Pearl Linford has to work out what in the supernatural hell is going on, before it happens to her.

Finn Blacklin is the boy with whom Pearl shares a birthday, the boy she has known all her life and disliked every second of it, the boy her subconscious has a totally annoying crush on. Finn is also the Valentine: a Seelie fairy changeling swapped for a human boy at birth. The Unseelie have come to kill the Valentine – except they don’t know who it is. And now both the Seelie and the Unseelie think Pearl is the Valentine, and if they find out she isn’t, she’ll disappear too.

Pearl must use all her wits to protect herself. Finn must come to terms with his newfound heritage. And then there’s the explosive chemistry between them that neither of them know quite what to do about . . .

{ Find it on Goodreads }

filigree-divider_16_lg.gifthe verdict.png

I’m super happy about the contents of this book, and I’m really excited to read Valentine. My one complaint about this month’s box though, is that my candle leaked a bit somehow (???), and both the postcard and bookmark are stained purple (but I guess they smell great now!), but thankfully the book was not affected.

Other than that, however, this was another great box, and I’m thankful to the lovely ladies at The YA Chronicles for all of their work!

If you’d like to find out more about The YA Chronicles, visit their website (and maybe even subscribe!) The theme for March is Like a Fairytale, and I can’t wait to discover what might be inside

Until Next Time,


2 thoughts on “February Unboxing: The YA Chronicles

  1. This looks like an awesome box! I don’t have any book box subscriptions yet, but I’ve been debating about it. I really want one! I’ve always wanted OwlCrate, but this one looks good, too. (PS: I haven’t gotten around to reading A Court of Thorns and Roses yet, either. So I couldn’t tell you if your candle scent is accurate or not. Buuut, I do know that I’m not a fan of musk OR citrus, so I don’t think I would like the candle myself.) Have you ever subscribed to any other book boxes besides this one?

    Liked by 1 person

    • Sorry about the late reply to all your comments! It’s been a hectic few weeks, so I haven’t had the chance to jump on my computer to get around to replying!

      I’ve desperately wanted to subscribe to OwlCrate ever since they launched, but shipping is a touch to expensive to Australia. :((( I’m definitely in love with The YA Chronicles though, and am glad that I discovered them.

      I did see your other comment where you answered your own question about other book boxes, haha. The Be Bookish box was kindly provided to me for free from it’s creators to help spread the word. I would love to subscribe to them on top of The YA Chronicles, but I just can’t afford more than the one. 😦 Hopefully after my trip to America later this year, I can subscribe to it as well!

      Liked by 1 person

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